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29-March-2005 6:58 pm PNG Processing MS05-009
29-March-2005 6:49 pm Windows Shell MS05-008
29-March-2005 6:32 pm WIndows Information Disclosure MS05-007
28-March-2005 2:06 pm Office XP MS05-005
28-March-2005 1:59 pm ASP.NET Path Validation MS05-004
28-March-2005 10:58 am Netscape Gif parsing
12-January-2005 5:47 pm Indexing Service MS05-003
12-January-2005 5:42 pm Cursor Icon Format MS05-002
12-January-2005 5:31 pm Html Help ActiveX MS05-001
17-December-2004 6:22 pm Windows Kernel e Lsass MS04-044
15-December-2004 8:26 pm Wins MS04-045
15-December-2004 8:06 pm Huperteminal MS04-043
15-December-2004 8:00 pm Wordpad MS04-041
2-December-2004 5:23 pm Internet Explorer MS04-040
30-November-2004 6:16 pm Winamp Playlist


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